'This is a mature content unsutable for childeren i advise for 16 and older.

The Redubbing of Lil' Miss Rarity, Pt17:03

The Redubbing of Lil' Miss Rarity, Pt. 2

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rarity is sorry for wat she did to sweetie bell and then rarity admits she threw a sweing machine at twilight and she is worried twilight will hate her for so, then sweetie bell wakes up thinking she had a bad dream but then sweetie bell is sad that rarity isnt cuting her anymore and rarity is very confused and (sad obiusly and ashamed sweetie is goingvto be like HER) rarity then tells her askers why she calls them her mommy. rarity then goeas and sees BLUEBLOOD she then kisses him. rarity then goes to bed. rarity then tells blueblood that what she did will never happen agian and that she wasnt thinking strait and that to act like he didnt "love" then blueblood trice to suduce her with his uglyness. discord then tells rarity that she is in his play and she tastse his knife and she is asked wat her fave music is and then a asker asks something that rarity very ANGRy. and rarity tells everyone that she loves pinkamena and her dreams of are of blood. then she and molestia "play" together. rarity and RD then kiss and stuff and rarity and dash become lesbians. aslo rd bit her toosh. then rd answers some questions for rarity. rarity then puts a knife in her butt and sweetie tucks sweetie in and reads her little red riding hoof.

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