Rated By Don't Violence Sex Sick Danger Avoid To The Mighty B

Mrs Gibbons is apologetic for her actions towards Portia Gibbons and confesses to giving Penny a concussion with her sewing machine. She worried Penny (and Portia Gibbons) will hate her for her actions. Portia Gibbons wakes up believing it was all a bad dream, and Gwen Wu goes along with it, saying that it was all a nightmare.

Later on, Portia Gibbons is seen kissing Anton St. Germain, and wakes up the next morning to declare it a mistake, saying it will never happen again. Cherry Maude Laurie And Cha-Cha is screaming in terror, just freaked out. Bessie wakes up nightmare, to Kimberly is shocked to freak her out. [Audio Rock And Rule Ending]

The viewers ask Portia Gibbons on her favourite genre of music, and one even asks about knife play, earning a rant from Portia Gibbons about "putting a knife in her sidekickhood" to later state, it "went in her other hole". She was asked about her dreams, and confesses to loving Evil Penny Lefcowitz, and obviously, her blood, and occasionally imagining her and Chelsea "playing" together.

Taffy and Portia then kiss, have a bit of "fun" and the next morning, Taffy answers questions for Portia Gibbons, as sexual is "busy" being tied up. It's infered that the two are now in a relationship, where Taffy calls Portia her "slut".

Portia puts Tigerlily Roberts to bed, reading her "little red riding hood" as bed time story.