Rarity first post

Lil Miss Rarity in her first post

Rarity is the mane protagonist/antagonist of the Lil Miss Rarity blog. She is obsessed with porn, nudity, and sex, preferably rape. She has scars on her face that never leave as Slenderpony keeps remaking them. She currently has Pinkie and Rainbow Dash locked in her boutique alongside Applejack. Abaddon in the body of her Pinkaminadoll recently jumped out of her chest along with him turning Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie into insane murderess ponies. Similiar to the original Rarity, she hates Prince Blueblood. She sees the camera she uses to videotape her tumblr posts everywhere she goes even though everyone else can't see it. She also has had an affair with Princess Molestia (More to be added)

Gallery Edit

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