The Rite Of Blood and Bone is a dark spell that Bessie used to summon Emily, a robot that could destroy Dark Rat . Bessie did have to give up her teeth though. At the end of the spell Emily will appear along with Chelsea.

Rite of Blood, and Rite of Bone.

Beseech a heart as cold as stone.

Within this skull, lie forty bones.

To thee, this morbid ward is thrown.

Born of terror, chaos' reign

Dreams a'shatter, all is pain.

Emily slumbers, lucid dreaming

All the nightmare creatures teeming.

Lo and hearken, soul Arcane,

from The Hive, heed us again.

Shall your bonds begin to wane,

I offer you blood, bone, and pain.

Harbinger of violence,

born from no womb but abhorrence.

Tendrils of Emily, seek no more,

to spill our blood upon the floor.

Girl Scout's pain doth birth your form.

Malicious intent bears your storm.

Father's hatred forms your breath.

Fed by the foul teat of death.

Lucicorn of love and light...

Rat of nightmare, hate, and fright.

Bones infused with magic flow,

Offered forth to those below.

I close with forty's weight removed.

The right to end you is behooved.

The final words to crush your throne...


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